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    Note: Residents of Assam can send a copy of their Driving license.

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  4. Transfer funds to your Bitbns account using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS or UPI and enjoy lucrative trading.

Following which, you are ready to place your WePower orders.

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Buy WePower at Bitbns:

WePower is a new blockchain based green energy trading platform that allows renewable projects to get funding. This crypto currency is considered to be a sleeping giant. Launched in February 2018, it started with an ICO Public Token Sale that turned out to be very successful. Currently, WePower has a total volume exchanged of ₹324,642,309 and a circulating supply of 403 Million coins.

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WePower – Green Energy Trading Platform

WePower started in Europe and gradually expanded to Australia. This platform allows people to raise capital using their platform by pre-selling commitments to produce electricity. It is a common hub, similar to Kickstarter, but has a clear revenue model and typically focuses on renewable projects. Currently, its model commits 1 KWH and is represented by WPR token.

WePower essentially acquires 0.9% of all the energy enabled through the platform to its token holders. These tokens facilitate in accruing green energy that is donated by renewable resource producers.

This platform is built on a public blockchain and uses the governance model built in it. Its WPR token is a ERC-20 token that runs on Ethereum blockchain. However, the platform is testing a few different solutions so as to find the best balance between the needed functionality and scalability for the different stages of roadmap.

WPR Key Features

WePower is an energy trading platform that bridges the gap between energy buyers, householders, investors and green energy producers. It not only allows for energy tokenization to simplify the existing energy investment ecosystem, but also helps raise capital by selling energy upfront.

This platform also eliminates the need for middleman and allows energy producers to directly trade with green energy buyers. It makes use of an innovative transmission system that is driven by individual operators. It also helps customers purchase energy upfront at prices well below the existing market rates. The best part is that this platform uses a scalable framework that allows it to integrate with IoT model.