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About Litecoin (LTC)

The release of bitcoin as an open source software gave developers the opportunity to fork the original code base and add the features they wanted; thus creating a new cryptocurrency. Recognizing the market potential of a cryptocurrency to solve these problems, Charlie Lee came up with Litecoin. The first problem that Litecoin addressed was the transaction time. While the bitcoin network processes one block every 10 minutes, Litecoin does it every 2.5 minutes. This four-fold increase in block generation results in faster transactions. It also allows the network to handle higher transaction volumes during scaling.

Litecoin has a maximum supply of 84 million tokens or digital coins (four times more than Bitcoin). Of which, 54.26 million are currently in circulation.

While it may seem that the network will soon run out of new currencies, analysts predict that this will only happen around 2142. And that is considering the current rate of mining difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Litecoin India: Steps to buy

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About Litecoin

Bitcoin uses the SHA256 algorithm that consumes many resources. Litecoin instead makes use of the scrypt algorithm that consumes a lot of memory.

In its early stages, Bitcoin could be undermined by CPU and GPU.

However, as the competition in the network increased, the specially constructed FPGA and ASIC devices, with extensive processing capabilities, should be used to mine bitcoins. These devices are expensive and require a large amount of electricity to operate. Therefore, only a few could afford to have them quickly and monopolized the Bitcoin mining community.

To prevent the same thing from happening with Litecoin, Charlie Lee (founder)decided to adopt the scrypt algorithm instead. Scrypt was specifically designed to hinder the type of devices to extract Litecoin. It does so by requiring amounts of memory, higher than those used by bitcoin machines.