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What is Substratum ?

Substratum is an open source network, which lets anyone allocate extra computing resources to make the internet a fair, free place for the whole world.

Substratum aims to liberate the centralized ties, which tie content access and web hosting. The platform also wants to the internet what Satoshi Nakamoto did to digital currency. With Substratum, internet users don’t have to depend on monolithic, centralized hosts to gain access to web content. What it does is work a network of independent nodes to allow users to browse the web on an open source and decentralized platform.

Important Facts about Substratum

Substratum is diligently trying to make way for a new era of peer-to-peer internet access. Bitcoin did the same thing with monetary exchange. Substratum is nothing but internet hosted by the people for the people. The primary goal of Substratum is to allow anyone to access or host internet content via nodes on the Substratum blockchain.

Say, you are looking forward to hosting. All you have to do is install the Substratum software and run it. Your computer then acts as a mini-server and syncs up to various other nodes on the network to create a new portal for individuals to access the internet. Followed by this, the hosts are paid in Substrate (Substratum’s token) for their efforts. This pay is calculated based on the individual, depending upon the CPU power, data count, and network bandwidth of a host’s node processes. Furthermore, the hosts have the freedom to chalk out their hosting schedule. Using application’s dashboard settings, they can switch their nodes off and on, and even dictate as to how much processing power they want their systems to contribute to the network.

Substratum Host

Anybody can host websites or applications with the help of Substratum Host, paying network users to serve content.

Substratum Node

Nodes forward the content from hosts to web users. Everyone who runs a node will get paid in cryptocurrency to forward the content.

End Web User

Anyone viewing Substratum-hosted content can take a look at it on their regular web browser without any censorship blocks. Substratum calls itself the foundation of the decentralized web - an ‘open-sourced network that allows anyone to rent their computer as a hosting server.’

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