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SUB Price in India

Substratum tries to free the centralized ties that tie content access and web hosting. With Substratum, internet users won't have have to depend on monolithic, centralized hosts to gain access to web content.

Cryptocurrencies are taking the world by storm and for a reason. It is not regulated and there are hundreds of options to invest and trade in them. Substratum (SUB) is another popular ERC20 token to invest in. The best thing about this is that you don't need to have a significant sum of money to invest in it. However, you need to analyse the market before investing in it.

The price of Substratum is evolving as we speak. At present it is experiencing a significant growth against Bitcoin and dollar.

SUB Price in March

The price of SUB started at 34.96 INR on 1st March. It was quite a good start, but it didn't hold steady and started declining after this. It ended at 29.40 INR on 10th March and declined further over the next ten days and ended at 26.34 INR on 20th March. It had quite a disappointing run the whole month. SUB ended at 22.75 INR on 31st March.

SUB Price in April

The price of SUB started at 52.46 INR and then rose gradually through the month. The price of SUB only rose steadily throughout the month. It rose up to 54.46 INR, then 55.52 INR, 56.14, and stopped at 50.32 INR by the end of month.

SUB Price in May

After reaching a threshold of 50.32 INR on the last day of previous day, SUB started to decline on 7th May at a gradual pace. It came down to 47.45 INR, went up to 48.44 INR, and went back and forth between them for the most part of the month. It started to rise up again and reached 48.92 before ending at 49.21 INR. But then it fell back to 44 INR. SUB showed a lot of strength throughout the month and is showing all the symptom of going up again.