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Tron Price in India Today (INR)

TRON is a distributed network based on blockchain technology designed specifically for the Internet entertainment of the future. The aim of the network is to establish a decentralised structure and to return the sovereignty over its data to the user. Basically, the TRON network was designed to support different cryptocurrencies. The TRON Coin (TRX) token called Tronix serves as a common basis for sharing between the different systems. This can already be traded on various stock exchanges today and has experienced a strong increase in share prices of more than 2,000 percent in recent weeks.

TRX price in Janu Bitcoin (BTC) to INR: Bitcoin Price in India Today | Bitcoin price INR - Bitbnsary 2019

New year gifted TRX holders with a bullish sentiment. Prices peaked on January 27, 2019, when TRX crossed the INR 2.00 mark, reaching INR 2.07.

TRX price in December 2018

Sideways congestion starting from INR 1.06 seen during the month of December 2018. Congestion continued till mid of the month, beyond which, the market turned slightly bullish, taking the price up to INR 1.29 by the end of the month.

TRX price in November 2018

The TRX market resumed at INR 1.64, almost the same where it closed the last month. The market quickly turned bullish as the month high was recorded at INR 1.76761. Beyond this price mark, TRX market went bearish with consistent decline for the rest of the days, till it closed. Right before its closure, the market picked up from INR 0.8236 and closed at INR 1.00.

TRX price in October 2018

Starting out at INR 1.62, TRX price concluded at INR 1.66 by the end of October 2018.

TRX price in September 2018

Tron launched its mainnet in September 2018 and one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, and many others supported it. On 1 September 2018, TRX price kicked off at INR 1.89 and closed at INR 1.61, which was basically a decline of 13.7%.

TRX price in August 2018

TRX picked up from INR 2.23 in the beginning of August 2018, and price closed at INR 1.79 on 31 August 2018. Something to be noted at this point is that Project Genesis, the new main net at Tron was launched mid-way August, was a success.

TRX price in July 2018

Cryptocurrency market for TRX seemed quite cold during July 2018 and prices, more or less, remained the same during July 2018. On 1 July 2018, TRX traded at INR 2.55 and at INR 2.32 on 31 July 2018.

TRX price in June 2018

TRX prices stabilised upto some degree in the beginning of June 2018, which is visible from the prices stalling around INR 3.93. After numerous fluctuations, TRX price continued to decline and touched a low price figure of INR 2.63.

TRX price in May 2018

Peaking at INR 6.18 on 1 May 2018, TRX price retracted to INR 4.08 by 31 May 2018. The decline surprised many as this was the time TRX Main Net 'Odyssey 2.0' was launched, which was expected to boost TRX price. But it seems the bullish trend was more effective at keeping the prices from rallying up.

TRX price in April 2018

Picking off where it left, the price of TRX was INR 2.10. However, by the end of April, TRX showed great improvement with a bull run taking the price to INR 6.21, which was more than 140% price gain.

TRX price in March 2018

TRX took off approximately at INR 3.11 at the beginning of March. By the end of March, TRX was trading at INR 2.22.

TRX price in February 2018

TRX hit INR 2.93 on 1 February 2018 and was seen trading at INR 2.82 on 28 February 2018.

TRX price in January 2018

TRX started off at INR 5.13 on 1 January 2018, hit an all time high of INR 14.67 on January 4, 2018. and closed at INR 3.41 on 31 January 2018.

TRX price in December 2017

For the first time ever, TRX crossed the INR 1.00 mark 13 December 2017, along with the rise of altcoins fueled by the push in BTC prices. By the end of December 2017, TRX touched an all-time high of INR 3.30.

TRX price in November 2017

The highest that TRX price achieved in November 2017 was INR 0.154258. By the end of the month TRX was noted trading at INR 0.13811.

More About TRON:

The 3 currencies related to TRON: TRONIX (TRX), TRON 20 and TRON Power (TP) and TRONIX (TRX), an Ethereum token is the base value on the TRON blockchain. Then comes the TRON 20 token, which will offer content creators the opportunity to offer "customized" tokens to users.

Finally, the TRON Power token (TP) can be obtained by blocking its TRX. Users will thus be able to gain greater powers over ecosystems, such as additional voting rights. The number of TP tokens received will vary depending on the lock time. This is for the designers of the project to promote a logic of investment in the long term.

TRON is a particularly ambitious project. It provides for the implementation of several technologies, some of which are still experimental today. It is not surprising that the team has set a schedule of more than 10 years to achieve this.