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Steps to Buy NKN in India

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Please note

The name you entered on Bitbns account must exactly match the name on your bank account. If you make multiple deposits of the same amount in a short period of time, they may be delayed.

What is NKN Cryptocurrency?

NKN (New Kind of Network) is the latest project that aims at rebuilding the Internet to make it truly open, safe, dynamic, decentralized, owned and shared by the community. NKN intends to bring about Cellular Automata to innovate on different layers in the whole stack.

Important Facts about NKN

NKN addresses three of its main goals.

  • Firstly, the project intends to address the decentralization network in a broader sense - starting from the application connectivity to networking protocol.
  • Secondly, it intends to boost the underlying blockchain technology in order to achieve fair and efficient harmony without the need to sacrifice decentralization and node equality.
  • Finally, NKN project intends to make use of blockchain technology to increase the network resource utilization. It further aims to incentivize participation, expansion, and community driven network building.

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