Buy Loopring in India


Loopring is an automated execution system and a decentralized exchange protocol, which is built on Ethereum. It lets its users to trade assets across different exchanges. It is not a decentralized exchange. However, it regulates decentralized exchanging via order matching and ring sharing.

One of the most important things to understand about Loopring is that it pools all orders that are sent to its network and fills those orders via order books of different exchanges. Both centralized and decentralized exchanges can implement Loopring by providing the exchange with access to cross exchange liquidity and cross blockchain and by giving investors access to the best prices available on a larger market. Besides, Loopring is blockchain agnostic. Meaning, that any platform which uses smart contracts (say, NEO or Ethereum) can integrate with Loopring.

Important Facts about Loopring

Loopring specializes in order sharing. All orders can be broken up into several smaller parts in order to identify the ideal time and the best exchange to trade each batch. The result: optimized trading outcome without any need to depend on any single platform. Considering this, the protocol can trade across all cryptocurrency token exchanges all over the world. Furthermore, Loopring makes use of a technique called ring-matching. Its automated trading intelligence has the potential of interfacing with several other blockchains and exchanges. As a result, the protocol won’t ever see any significant liquidity issues. The protocol is thus designed to create liquidity with the platform and spread out orders across several other exchanges. Also, the cross-chain part of Loopring makes it even more appealing. The only thing Loopring needs is a blockchain with smart contract support to execute properly.

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