Buy Kucoin in India

Note: Kucoin is not yet live for trading, but we would add it soon. Till then, sign up and explore seamless trading at BNS.

Simple Steps to Buy Kucoin Shares (KCS) in India

  1. Investors just need to Sign Up on the Bitbns website.

  2. Then by clicking on the account activation link, which would be sent to the email address indicated at the time of online registration, the account gets created. Next, photocopies of PAN card, bank account details and Aadhaar card should be uploaded. This entire process enables Bitbns in adhering to KYC guidelines.

  3. After KYC documents validation (takes only 30 minutes), investors will be notified about account activation via email.

  4. using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS or UPI investors can send funds to their Bitbns account and begin purchasing KCS in no time.

  5. Transfer of KCS from/into Bitbns account to other wallets takes only 10 minutes on the Bitbns platform.

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About KuCoin Shares (KCS):

KuCoin Shares(KCS) is a cryptocurrency that is used on the KuCoin trading platform. The platform shares a large portion of its exchange fees with KCS holders and KuCoin users.

Kucoin is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges available for those looking for a modern and secure platform for cryptocurrency trading.

The site was founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts that had already built a solid reputation with industry giants such as GF Securities, Ant Financial, Youling, Jianbang Communication and iBOX PAY. Kucoin always aims to provide users with a simple and safe way to convert their currency on a state-of-the-art platform.

KuCoin shares 50% of its revenue in exchange fees with the KuCoin shareholders. This means that if you hold 2% of the total outstanding KCS, you will receive 1% of all trading fees made on the KuCoin platform. The platform shares another part of its revenue in exchange fees with its users through a sponsorship system. Holding KuCoin Shares reduces the exchange fee by 80% on the KuCoin platform.

The KuCoin team plans to buy a large part of the KCS and 'burn' it, i.e. to destroy it, which will increase the value of KuCoin Shares.

Although it is a relatively new addition to the world of cryptocurrency, Kucoin's team has already proven itself, and the exchange platform provides a professional service without a hitch since its launch. To put Kucoin's youth in perspective, the research and development team was only formed in May 2017. There was an Angel Investment in August, and the V1.0 went live a few days later . Since then, the KCS team launched the Kucoin bonus program, several additional currencies and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The founding team of Kucoin has conducted research related to blockchain technology since 2011 and the technical architecture of the trading platform was realized in 2013. This gave the team several years to settle details and offer flawless service.

About Bitbns

Unlike traditional online exchanges, Bitbns is designed to be:

  • Instantly accessible – on desktop, iOS and Android
  • Decentralized – there isn't any single point of failure.
  • Safe – Bitbns never holds investor funds.
  • Private – all personal data is stored locally.
  • Secure – end-to-end encrypted communication on the trading platform.
  • Open – every aspect of the project is transparent.
  • Easy – easy usability of the platform.

Bitbns focuses on a better user experience for cryptocurrencies buying/selling. In order to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone Bitbns provides marketplace analysis,