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Buy Polymath at Bitbns:

Polymath is a security token platform that provides users with tools that can facilitate the launch of financial services on blockchain and allow easy coordination between investors, in order to promote ICO participation.

ST20 is the new token standard created by Polymath that enforces government compliance. Investors need not to worry about the legal implications of the security falling in wrong hands with this new platform. With continuous government crackdown on ICOs, Polymath is expected to provide legal Security Token Offerings.

The current market cap of Polymath is ₹6,124,031,754 with a trading volume of ₹43,013,398. If you are willing to buy Polymath at best prices, then Bitbns is the one-stop solution.

Bitbns is a young company that made its first appearance as a cryptocurrency trading platform with Bitcoin flash sale on 19th December, 2017. Born with a vision of creating the best digital assets exchange, Bitbns has been invariably innovative. Since its inception, the investors have been actively participating in crypto trading and flash sales at this platform. Today, Bitbns has not only build trust, but has created a strong relationship with their investors, traders and buyers.

You can also enjoy trading Polymath at Bitbns. All you have to do is register at Bitbns and deposit INR through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS to start buying POLY at lucrative prices.

An Introduction to Polymath

Since 2013, ICOs have become quite a popular way of fundraising worldwide. In the past two years, ICOs have facilitated many businesses and entrepreneurs to raise more than 194 crores in INR. This has forced many government agencies, worldwide to analyse their security profiles and ensure whether they violate any existing financial laws.

Polymath is a security token platform that makes use of a blockchain-based system for providing users with tools that can facilitate the launch of financial services on blockchain and allow easy coordination between investors, in order to promote ICO participation.

In simpler words, it simplifies the legal process of creating and selling security tokens and makes a new token standard, ST20, which enforces government compliance. Only a handful of authorized investors who have Ethereum wallets can actually hold ST20 tokens. This platform brings legal delegates, smart contract developers, KYC verification and decentralized exchange together.

Features of Polymath Network

Polymath has a good online presence and active community members. It is the only security token exchange in the world, which allows ICO launching in a legal manner. The platform has four key components:

Protocol Layer: This is the first layer that runs using smart contracts. This layer takes care of all the computational aspects of the system and has KYC/AML accreditation baked into its framework. It makes use of a permission model that establishes a defined subset of securities that every user can hold.

Application Layer: This layer allows people to produce their own securities-backed tokens by using “Create-A-Security-Token Wizard”.

Legal Layer: The third layer comes packed with a suite of compliance tools. These tools allow businesses to ensure whether their tokens meet all regulatory and compliance standards or not, in order to launch their security token successfully.

Exchange Layer: This layer is a closed-ended KYC compliant ramp that allows instant liquidity options to its users.

Since the introduction of this new platform, it has gained a lot of attention within financial circles across the globe. And because it is the only platform to merge security domain with blockchain, it is sure to have a good future ahead.