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Vertcoin Price Vertcoin Price in INR (VTC to INR)

1 VTC =
Vertcoin price today - As on Wednesday 20th of February 2019 4:36:31 PM
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Vertcoin Price in India

Due to the high demand for having a more ASIC currency proof, Vertcoin was created using Litecoin as the basis, and has an adaptive N factor applied on the basis of generated block timestamps.

VTC price in September 2018

At an initial price of INR 54.18 on 2 September 2017, VTC moved up gradually until INR 64.92 on 30 September 2017.

VTC price in October 2017

At INR 67.83 on 1 October 2017, VTC price spiked up to INR 336.89 on 31 October 2017.

VTC price in November 2017

At INR 269.57 on 1 November 2017, VTC moved up quickly to INR 357.42 on 30 November 2017.

VTC price in December 2017

At INR 415.09 on 1 December 2017, VTC rose up slowly to INR 430.61 on 30 December 2017.

VTC price in January 2018

At INR 455.18 on 1 January 2018, VTC slowly dipped down to INR 236.61 on 31 January 2018.

VTC price in February 2018

At INR 244.75 on 1 February 2018, VTC slowly gained momentum to INR 271.98 on 27 February 2018.

About Vertcoin (VTC):

Vertcoin has been released as the logical evolution of Litecoin and introduced what is called ‘Adaptive N-Factor’ Bitcoin bot trading. The N-factor component of Scrypt determines how much memory is needed to calculate the bitcoin hash functions. Vertcoin N-factor increases with time to a head start, with possible ASIC development.