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Because referrals are free money!

Bitbns features a referral program that provides an equal opportunity for anyone who helps spread the word about Bitbns. Referral rewards are credited either in terms of INR or USDT, which go straight to your Bitbns referral wallet. The trading fee incurred on all your trade activities on Bitbns is deducted from your referral wallet.

Below, we have explained different referral cases and how much both parties earn per invite.

  1. Indian user refers an Indian user

    • Both earn Rs. 100 each
  2. Indian user refers an international user

    • Both earn 2 USDT each
  3. International user refers an Indian user

    • International user earns 2 USDT
    • Indian user earns Rs. 100
  4. International user refers an international user

    • Both the users earn 2 USDT

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rs. 100 or 2 USDT would be credited to referral wallets of both the users only when the invited user trades cryptocurrencies worth Rs.1500/$20 or more.
  • The balance earned via this program can be used only as fee incurred on cryptocurrency trading.
  • Trading fee will be deducted automatically from the referral wallet, every time a user trades.
  • The referral program is limited to desktop and mobile browser only, which means referrals via Bitbns mobile app would not count.

How it works:

  • Every user has a unique referral link on their profile page under the ‘Refer & Earn’ section.
  • This link can be shared across any platform, and new signups using only this particular link would be considered for the referral reward.
  • Any new signup would be considered valid only when the new user completes KYC-verification and trades cryptocurrencies worth Rs. 1,500/$20 or more.

Bitbns is young, but carries a colossal vision of creating the best digital assets exchange. We made our first appearance as a digital assets trading platform with Bitcoin flash sale on 19th December, 2017. Since then, we have launched more than 70 digital assets. Not only we have focused on listing the top rated digital assets, but also excelled at providing the most intuitive interface, fastest UPI deposits, fastest withdrawals, reliable customer support and a mobile app that lets you trade on-the-go.

Since the very beginning, investors have actively participated in digital assets trading and flash sales on our platform. But that's not all that satiates us. We aim to encourage more and more people to not just trade cryptocurrencies, but understand the need for cryptocurrencies as well. Also, we believe in passing on the benefits to our users, which is why this referral program exists. So start referring today, and save loads while you trade on Bitbns.

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