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Loom Network price today - As on Saturday 8th of June 2024 12:27:34 AM
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Loom Network (LOOM) Price Page

Cryptocurrency market is booming by the day and cashless economy becoming a norm is not too far away. Since cryptocurrency market is not regulated by any authority like other existing markets, say stock market, the options to invest and trade in are aplenty. And Loom Network (LOOM) is another major cryptocurrency that is making waves in the market. Loom Network is an ERC-20 based token and is a systematic network of B2C applications, which uses blockchain technology to build strong 1-to-1 relationships between businesses and customers. This in turn transform how value and information are exchanged in B2C communication processes.

The price of Loom Network is evolving by the day and at the moment it is experiencing a major surge against Bitcoin and dollar.

LOOM Price in March

The price of LOOM started at 5.80 INR on 19th March. It rose gradually over the next few days. It went up to 6.74 INR, then to 7.11 INR, and 8.45 INR, and started coming down gradually. It went back to 7.12, before settling down at 6.64 INR on 31st March.

LOOM Price in April

LOOM opened at 6.79 INR on 1st April. It rose up steadily throughout the month. It went up to cross 8 INR, then reached as high as 12.02 INR on 16th April. It held itself steady and continued to rise up. It crossed 15 INR and never slowed down. It ended at 20.78 INR on 30th April.

LOOM Price in May 28.42

LOOM opened at 20.07 INR on 1st May and rose up significantly over the next few days. It went up to 28 INR, then to an all-time high, 49.52 INR on 4th May. It, however, started going down after this. It came back to 30 INR mark by 12th May, and went down gradually to stop at 28.42 on 23rd May.