Buy OmiseGo in India

Simple Steps to Buy OmiseGo (OMG) in India

  1. To register, when you arrive on the homepage you can enter your email address and password and click on 'Sign up'.

  2. You will receive a confirmation email after the creation of your account.

  3. For identity verification purpose, investors are supposed to submit PAN Card, Aadhar Card photocopies.

    Next step is the activation of 2-factor-authentication. This is only possible using a smartphone (iOS and Android) and it enhances the security of your Bitbns-account. 2FA confirms important processes (such as login, payments etc) in your Bitbns account using a 6-digit alphanumeric code, which changes every 15 seconds. Thus making it hard for any intruder/hacker to cause any damage.

  4. As soon as uploaded documents get verified (The KYC verification process takes only 30 minutes), you can login to the site by clicking on 'Login' at the top right of the page and start purchasing OMG.

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About OMG (OmiseGo)

OmiseGO is an open network specialized in high-volume, low-cost cash exchanges: payments, funds transfers or B2B commerce via digital portfolio. A virtual credit card allows you to make payments with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Here are the reasons for thinking that OmiseGO is a promising digital currency:

  • OmiseGO was launched by Omise, a company that has been around for several years. In November 2016, the company made the front page of Forbes as Fintech RockStar.

  • OmiseGO is based on the blockchain Ethereum which is a huge success and Vitalik Buterin himself, founder of Ethereum, is the consultant.

  • Omise already operates in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia and plans to expand the business to other Asian countries very soon.

    OmiseGo enables decentralized exchange on a high-volume, low-cost public blockchain, providing a next-generation value transfer service operating across currencies and asset types. As the OmiseGO network is connected to the Ethereum network, everyone will be able to perform financial transactions such as payments, cash transfers, payroll, B2B commerce, supply chain financing, loyalty programs, asset management and trading and other on-demand services.

About Bitbns

Bitbns trading platform has an intuitive user interface and is instantly straightforward in handling transactions. The website gives a high-quality and reliable impression from its very first use. Furthermore, the developers of Bitbns promise to include new coins in the future and to extend functionality. Something that attracts more attention is the absence of mixed exchange rate unlike other International crypto exchanges including charge fees. Bitbns abides to be transparent and their trading offers are continuously enriched from time to time.