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Achain Price Achain Price in INR (ACT to INR)

1 ACT =
Achain price today - As on Wednesday 20th of February 2019 4:36:31 PM
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Achain Price Chart

Achain Price INR History

16:35:01 IST, 20 Feb0.58 0.01
13:35:01 IST, 20 Feb0.57 0.06
10:35:01 IST, 20 Feb0.51 0.01
7:35:02 IST, 20 Feb0.520
4:35:02 IST, 20 Feb0.520
1:35:01 IST, 20 Feb0.520

Achain Price in India

Achain was developed in 2015 by the Singapore-based non-profit organization, Achain Foundation, which is co-maintained by many other communities around the world.

Achain is presently at, what is termed by the team as, ‘Galaxy stage’, where it splits into multiple sub-chains to meet the need for different applications including insurance, e-documentation, cryptocurrency, record investigation, credit rating, and much more.

ACT price in November 2017

At INR 7.02 on 14 November 2017, ACT scaled up to INR 16.37 on 30 November 2017.

ACT price in December 2017

At INR 15.83 on 1 December 2017, ACT crawled up to INR 26.61 on 31 December 2017.

ACT price in January 2018

At INR 28.65 on 1 January 2018, ACT was seen trading at INR 29.43 on 31 January 2018.

ACT price in February 2018

At INR 31.27 on 1 February 2018, ACT slipped down to INR 25.52 on 27 February 2018.

About Achain (ACT):

To say that a new cryptocurrency is a fork and to make it forked version are two very different things. While Achain is a forking technology aimed at ensuring increased throughput and smart contract capability without the need for massive energy consumption. In addition, Achain uses a modified version of DPoS — RDPoS (Result-delegated Proof of Stake) to establish node consensus. Achain, thus aims at enhancing the security of the whole ecosystem by forking and using a cross-chain communication protocol.