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Note: Residents of Assam can send a copy of their Driving license

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Some interesting statistics about NEO:

The NEO platform has been favored by some startups, for the speed of its transactions, but also for the absence of fees on its network. If fees exist, they must be paid to use smart contracts, depending on the functions that they must perform.

These fees are paid in GAS, the "utility token" of the platform, which is also traded on the markets.

For some observers, one of the main advantages of NEO against Ethereum is related to the computer language on which it is based. Unlike the platform designed by Vitalik Buterin, which assumes the use of a specific language (Solidity), NEO is coded in C# and Java, which allows developers to participate more easily.

Note that its success will depend in part on its ability to comply with the rules that may soon be enacted by the Chinese government. To reassure some investors, NEO will also need to be able to offer a less centralized ecosystem.

This rise in NEO, when markets were bearish in recent days, may mean that investors have identified an undervalued asset, with promising technology and many use cases. But this could also be the sign of a speculative outbreak, which could precede a fall.

As of 18th January 2018, with this new historical record and a "capitalization" of more than ₹590,086,864,640.89, NEO stands 7th in the ranking established by CoinMarketCap.

What prospects for NEO in 2018?

It is obvious to anyone in the world of cryptocurrency, whether you are a beginner or experienced, that the blockchain of NEO offers significant advantages to those of Ethereum and Bitcoin. These benefits include faster blockchain creation times, higher transaction-per-second capabilities, and multilingual developer support.

With the emergence of Trinity's scalability solution, NEO will soon be able to process approximately 99,999,000 transactions per second, and up to ten times more with additional optimizations.

No blockchain in the world will ever become dominant unless there is significant investment and development in its infrastructure, including NEO.

However, many companies have made it their mission to see the NEO blockchain live up to its potential. This includes:

  • Ontology Network: According to their website, they are "a blockchain: distributed ledger network that combines distributed identity verification, data exchange, data collaboration, procedure protocols, as well as various modules specific to industry".

  • Onchain: Onchain has developed a Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) for NEO, and their website states that "the architecture design of the DNA distribution network combines the basic technology of the distributed registry and the application of a system business".

  • DeepBrain Chain: On their website, DeepBrain aims to provide a low-cost, flexible, secure and decentralized artificial intelligence platform for AI products".

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