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Verge Verge Price in INR (XVG to INR)

1 XVG =
Verge price today - As on Monday 19th of February 2018 11:57:23 PM
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Verge Price in India

Among the cryptocurrencies in vogue this year, the VERGE is the one that is most talked about. From its first steps under the name of DogecoinDark on IRC, the VERGE has evolved enormously; focused on anonymity, this currency easily rivals the DASH (formerly DarkCoin) in terms of adoption on the Dark Net, which it uses the protocols (Tor and i2P) to protect the privacy of its users and guarantee the non-traceability of their transactions.

Verge Price in September 2017

It was during this month that Verge Telegram transfers were made available, Coinpouch iOS wallet was released, its electrum servers experienced updates and XVG was integrated into the Nexchange platform. So starting from 0.3141 INR, there was a decline in the price of the Verge and it slightly moved to 0.4396 INR on 30th September 2017.

Verge Price in October 2017

XVG team had released a new paper wallet, XVG was listed in Changelly, Verge payments were accepted by a Southern Californian baking centre and so did a sports bar named Reno. It started at 0.4743 INR on 1st October 2017 and XVG dropped to 0.4571 INR on 31st October 2017.

Verge Price in November 2017

A media streaming device company named QuanTVmstick started accepting XVG payments, Wraith protocol beta version was being compiled and was released for linux users, XVG was listed on Nakamoto exchange, Pandoon™, state-of-the-art portfolio tracker with automatic trades synchronization was released and the users of XVG's Coinpouch wallet experienced a hack. XVG traded from 0.3873 INR on 1st November 2017 saw slight increase towards 0.3572 INR on 30th November 2017.

Verge Price in December 2017

Australia's Meccamino, a health and fitness team began accepting XVG payments and Payza online payments platform started accepting XVG payments. And since then, XVG started off at 0.4044 INR on 2nd December 2017 and was valued at 9.66 INR on 30th December 2017.

About Verge:

Like Bitcoin but with faster transactions and integration of Tor. Its Tor and I2P networks are directed to confidential IP addresses, with its most important product, the Android Tor Wallet, designed to provide mobile anonymity. In addition, its blockchain is designed to process transactions at an average time of five seconds, which is much faster than Bitcoin. With the recent addition of the Wraith protocol, which allows users to switch between public and private registries, the interest in Verge is quite obvious!