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However, you can still register to trade on BNS.
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About DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DeepBrain Chain is not a cryptocurrency anymore. This cryptocurrency aims to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the Blockchain in order to offer a totally decentralized, private, secure, low cost and intelligent IT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ in order to know more about the flash sale

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    What is Bitbns DeepBrain Chain flash sale offer?

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    If I trade for DeepBrain Chain at that time would it double?

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    How many users will get the DeepBrain Chain flash sale offer?

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    When is the flash sale?

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    How do I participate in the flash sale?

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    Am I eligible for this flash sale?

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    What is the last date for the DeepBrain Chain flash sale registration?

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    Why a flash sale on DeepBrain Chain?

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    When is the next flash sale?

DeepBrain Chain India: Steps to buy

  1. Register: Sign Up with Bitbns. Verify your mobile number, email id and create your Bitbns account within minutes.

  2. ID Proofs: Complete your profile registration by submitting your:

    • PAN card
    • Bank account details, &
    • Aadhaar card snapshots
  3. Profile Verification : After submitting all required documents for account verification, you will be notified in 1 working day's time about account activation.

  4. You will then be allowed to transfer funds to your Bitbns account using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS

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About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is a decentralized Cryptocurrency based on Blockchain NEO. The DeepBrain Chain platform is an artificial intelligence computing platform designed to make it more affordable and decentralized.

The platform uses the computing resources of people all around the world, and brings them together to provide these resources to companies in the artificial intelligence industry.

The goal of DeepBrain Chain is to be able to provide computing resources at much lower prices. The development of artificial intelligence is hampered by the very high cost of buying and maintaining computer equipment.

Miners are paid in DeepBrain Coin (DBC) for the work done on the network, but also in GAS. Because DeepBrain Chain is on the NEO platform, transaction fees are paid in GAS.