Buy Feathercoin in India

Note: Feathercoin is not yet live for trading, but we would add it soon. Till then, sign up and explore seamless trading at BNS.

Simple Steps to Buy Feathercoin (FTC) in India:

  1. Online Registration on Bitbns is absolutely free. So investors need to Sign Up using email id and by entering personal information.

  2. Then, confirm by clicking on a link received on the email address indicated. Next, submit PAN card, bank account details and Aadhaar card photocopies. This process enables Bitbns in adhering to KYC guidelines.

  3. After KYC documents validation (which will take 30 minutes only), investors will be notified via email about account activation.

  4. Using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, investors can transfer funds to their Bitbns account and begin purchasing Feathercoin (FTC).

  5. Transfer of Feathercoin (FTC) between other wallets from/into Bitbns account is also possible, which is just a 10-minute process.

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About Feathercoin (FTC):

Feathercoin is a cryptocurrency, which is very similar to Litecoin, but has a much lower difficulty when it comes to mining it.

Both Feathercoin and Litecoin are designed to be ‘extracted’ through a different technique than the one needed to do it with Bitcoins. Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm, while the other two use Scrypt, a key derivation function with a password.. The biggest difference between Scrypt and SHA-256, is that you do not need large machines with computing capacity. Hence it does not favor FPGA and ASIC mining, whicharethe ‘heavyweights’ of the world of cryptocurrency mining.

The miners who use FGPA and ASIC use great computing skills in the mathematical problems used for Bitcoin mining. Scrypt, however, has been designed using an algorithm that favors those who mine with CPU and GPU - traditional and home-made machines. As a result of this, it becomes easier to undermine the Feathercoins for those who do not have large sums of money and wish to enter the game of cryptocurrency mining.

The main cause of this is the use that makes ‘Scrypt’ of operations that require a lot of memory, and that are more suitable for CPUs, and that have been adapted to GPUs, for both litecoin and feathercoin.

About Bitbns

Bitbns is an Indian based digital asset exchange offering maximum security and advanced trading features. Our auditing programs monitor exchange activity 24/7/365. Any funds you put into the exchange are only used to facilitate trading through your account. Unlike banks, we do not operate on fractional reserves.