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12:30:00 IST, 08 Jun1,429.8614.06
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12:00:00 IST, 07 Jun1,464.440.00

Neo Price in India

Cryptocurrencies are attracting more and more investors, even though the sector is not yet regulated. In terms of cryptocurrencies, the choice is very wide. The best known is probably bitcoin, but there are others including the NEO. Regarding the price of the NEO, it is evolving and is currently experiencing a fairly substantial increase against the dollar and Bitcoin. It could also progress and reach 13,051 INR.

Price of NEO in September 2017

After reaching the threshold of 2,116 INR on 31st Aug 2017, there was a decline in the price of the NEO. In addition, it rose and stabilized at 2,218 INR on 31st Sep 2017.

Price of NEO in October 2017

After reaching 2,218 INR on 31st September 2017, NEO fluctuated to market trends and finally reached 2,090 INR.

Price of NEO in November 2017

NEO started from 2,090 INR on 1st October 2017 and fluctuated over the weeks to finally reach at 1830 INR.

Price of NEO in December 2017

Since the middle of the week, most crypto-currencies have undergone a slight market correction. Nothing violent but some investors unfortunately sold down what they had bought up.

NEO had started of with 2,033 INR on 1st December 2017 and finally reached 4,320 INR on Dec 25th 2017 which was a consolidated move following the BTC correction. In the coming months the price of NEO is determined to go up.

NEO price in January 2018

NEO hit an all time high from INR 5296.98 on 1 January 2018 and sprung up to INR 9039.26 on 31 January 2018.

NEO price in February 2018

NEO hit an all time high from INR 9137.01 on 1 February 2018 and declined towards INR 8765.68 on 28 February 2018.

Why NEO became the twelfth biggest cryptocurrency in the market?

Well presumably re-branding of Antshares to NEO, Roadmap of the team, market performance since re-branding along with global acceptance of NEO has given raise to the current fame that this cryptocurrency is enjoying in Indian markets.

Why are investors more interested towards investing in NEO?

In a nutshell, NEO is a decentralized protocol for carrying out various financial transactions, including registering and issuing shares, assigning and exchanging them, and providing compensation between the parties. Based on the blockchain, it aims to digitize the possession of real goods, as well as the management of rights and the perception of interests, through P2P exchanges.

If NEO becomes the default cryptocurrency of Chinese projects, on which they build projects similar to Ethereum, it is easy to see a strong demand, China generating a lot of value on cryptocurrencies.

The investors are eagerly waiting to see that evolution of the price of NEO over the next hours,days and months which remains to be determined.

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More About Neo:

A promising start

The development of NEO began in 2014, the startup ONCHAIN ​​is overseeing its corporate version. Already, the platform offers more languages ​​than Ethereum currently.

NEO smart contracts are based on the NEO virtual machine, which is similar to the Ethereum virtual machine. NEO is designed to solve the same problems as Ethereum. NEO's incorporation of fragmentation and competition into its computer model solves evolution problems.

Using Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) for its blockchain operations (a consensus method that offers better security for blockchains) NEO places itself in the company of the well-known blockchain project Hyperledger and the lesser-known Stellar. The "specialized accounting nodes" reach consensus by "delegated vote" by the NEO dBFT model. It takes a two-thirds vote to approve a current copy of a blockchain.

Demand has exceeded supply

The Western market first learned about Antshares, an intelligent contract and decentralized application platform (dApp), just before the company was rebased "NEO". The fact that only one platform offered the change bitcoin-NEO, has resulted in a congestion demand. Prices skyrocketed in the weeks leading up to the name change. The ICO of Antshares was in the fall of 2016.

NEO's partners include the WINGS filtering platform and the multinational technology company Microsoft.Their collaboration with Wings is for research and development purposes.NEO apparently has the approval of the Chinese government, having even attended a government sponsored industry conference, which could be a good sign for the blockchain project.