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Effect AI price today - As on Saturday 8th of June 2024 12:27:33 AM
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12:30:00 IST, 08 Jun1.610.19
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02:30:00 IST, 07 Jun1.800.00
12:00:00 IST, 07 Jun1.800.00

Effect.AI (EFX) Price in India

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular by the day when it comes to investing and trading nowadays. The cryptocurrency market is not regulated like other markets and hence there are innumerable options to invest and trade in. Effect.AI (EFX) is another popular cryptocurrency to invest and trade in. Effect.AI is an on-demand intelligence workforce, which scales to any size and lets you outsource several number of repeated tasks. This in effect paves the way for a more effective application of all your resources. You need to analyse the market, however, before jumping into the fray and investing in it.

The price of Effect.AI is changing day by day and at the moment it is experiencing a substantial growth against Bitcoin and dollar.

EFX Price in April

The price of EFX started at 4.39 INR on 24th April and held itself steady for most of part of the next few days. It went a bit down to 4.26 INR on 28th April and before gradually rising up over the next two days. It ended at 5.05 INR on 30th April.

EFX Price in May 4.85, 4.92, 4.44, 4.31,

The price of EFX didn’t show much traction in the month of May. It started off with 4.85 INR on 1st May and then rose very slowly over the next couple of days and reached 4.92 INR on 5th May. It started declining again over the course of the next two weeks without much highs or lows and reached 4.44 INR by 20th May. And as of 23rd May, it has stopped at 4.31 INR.