Tron Trading Start on 7th March, 9 PM on Bitbns

After a successful launch of NEO, Red Pulse Token(RPX), DeepBrain Chain (DBC), XLM and Gas in the previous months, Bitbns, has been working extremely hard to trigger off the next new coin listing which no other exchange in India has traded which is Tron (TRX) .TRON can be traded at Bitbns in INR.

Trade TRX @ Bitbns

Users are now allowed to deposit Tron (TRX) on Bitbns before trading goes live for these cryptocurrencies. .

Just follow these 3 easy steps to deposit the Tron (TRX) into Bitbns.

  • Go to the wallets section.
  • Click on the currency that you would like to deposit i.e. TRX.
  • Generate the address and use this address to deposit the cryptocurrency.

We would learn a few things about TRX currency below:

TRX History:

TRON is a Chinese cryptocurrency that until recently was unknown, however, at the beginning of January of 2018 it became very popular, due to a huge increase in the price of said cryptocurrency.

The TRON cryptocurrency, reached its historical record (INR 3.30) at the beginning of January, generating a boom in the mining society at a global level, without a doubt this was a fact that generated intrigue in the investors.

Some of the things that stand out from this cryptocurrency, are the following:

  • One of the objectives is to be a free entertainment system and also plans to make a revolution in digital games.
  • Not only is it a cryptocurrency, it is a complete platform, which is headquartered in Singapore and is regulated by law, ie; everything related to TRON is totally legal and registered.
  • Poses to join many companies and is currently doing so.
  • This cryptocurrency has been designed to operate in a maximum of 100,000,000,000 TRX in the market, in which more than 64 billion are already in circulation.

The CEO who is behind all this work is also known as Justin Sun, he is founder and director of Peiwo.

Objectives of TRON

The main objective is to integrate a decentralized digital entertainment protocol, this following the rules of the block chains, in this way it is expected to improve the entertainment system worldwide. TRON is a cryptocurrency that will help to change the digital world of the different methods of entertainment, these can be:

  • Online games
  • Casinos
  • Games for Smartphones
  • Internet Video Games
  • Social networks
  • Others like: live shows, shows, concerts

The current TRON price in INR is hovering around ₹3.02 with a market cap of ₹198,567,587,348.63, as of today, 5th March, 2018.

Trade TRON at Bitbns

TRON, is a cryptocurrency that presents greater difficulties to be used, since, unlike Bitcoin, TRON does not aim to replace the current currency, therefore, developers have not focused on creating a system that allows its easy handling.

The reason developers are not working on methods to make it easier to use is that TRON is a cryptocurrency that promises to change the currently known digital entertainment system.

Despite the fact that the TRON price is very low, it already has in circulation more than ₹198,567,587,348.63. And thus, TRON trading is being introduced for the first time in India at Bitbns. Apart from tokens, Bitbns has also been the first to take UPI as deposits. We also were among the very few to have introduced no fee on INR deposit or withdrawal and an instant KYC verification procedure and were the first pureplay exchange to launch a mobile trading app. All of it within 2 months of our launch.

Trading for TRON starts 9 P.M. IST on 7th March 2018.

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