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We are pleased to announce that after the humongous success of our crypto trading platform, we are now launching an exclusive News Room for our traders and investors. With this new section, we aim at keeping our customers up-to-date with new trends, strategies, technical analysis, growth, price predictions and much more.

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This section will not only act as a source of information, but we will constantly update it with articles and announcements so that our customers can find all the useful information about crypto market and crypto tokens, under one umbrella. Because we realize that a deep understanding about every cryptocurrency and every ICO project is very crucial. And we never want you to invest your hard earned money in something that you don't understand.

Never Invest in Something that you don't understand

You don't need to be an investment guru to be a successful investor and to make the most out of the cryptocurrency market. But one thing that you should always keep in mind is never invest in something that you don't understand.

Most Successful Investor – Warren Buffett

Billionaire Wall Street Icon and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is undoubtedly the most successful investor in the history and continues to be involved in some of the biggest investment plays in the world. But one golden rule that he believes in is that never invest in a business you cannot understand. This is one major reason he missed out on big opportunities with companies like Google and Amazon. Buffett admits that when he was approached by Google, he was unable to understand how Google would produce a profitable and durable competitive advantage over its peers.

He has always avoided investing in technology stocks and therefore his technology investments have been few and far between. But this has never stopped him from having the best investment philosophies and to add to it, his brilliance is timeless.

Investing in Crypto Market

The same logic goes well for investing in the crypto market. Multiple ICOs and cryptocurrencies have thousands of success stories. Investors need not be geniuses to invest well in the crypto market, but they should master the basics. If you want to invest your money in an ICO, you should always do some groundwork and understand the project well, before you decide on making an investment. You should thoroughly read the whitepapers and related news to have a deep understanding about the project you want to invest in.

If you have understood the complete project, but are unable to determine just 1% of it, don't invest in that project. This 1% might leave you with a 100% loss. So, never invest in something that you don't understand.

Impact of News on Crypto Market and Currency

You can always bank on the latest news in the crypto market to make a wiser decision while investing. While, you will be amazed to know that news like partnering with another company, listing on popular exchange, coin burn, master-node implementation or popular fork, actually impacts the cryptocurrency and also increases the value of coin.

However, not every news affects the charts. Sometimes, the news seems strong enough to lead the traders, especially the trusted projects with good rates, as defined by the vision of the project, the team behind it and partners. On the contrary, some rumours disturb the entire market and even kill the coins. The trade community is completely lead by psychology. Even if a news cannot make changes in the price or trading volumes, it possesses some power.

Boosting Your Portfolio

The latest news, trends and technological growth facilitates a lot in boosting a crypto portfolio. The price predictions and technical analysis also play a vital role. If you buy a currency at the wrong time, it can put your trade in negative, thus affecting your portfolio. And if you are a newbie, this can start your journey off on the wrong path. But a little bit of technical analysis, going through the price predictions, new trends and keeping yourself updated with the latest news can help you make better decisions and a more profitable trader.

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