We don’t think it would be too far-fetched to say that this April was probably one of the most dramatic one of our lifetimes. A stern lockdown and plunging markets are some of the major concerns that left us cringing. Nonetheless, while stock market charts reflect nearly just 15% recovery in the last month, bitcoin shot up by a staggering 40% approx. For us, it was no surprise. So we were prepared and did some interesting things last month. Have a look:
Please Feel ‘Fee’ To Trade

BNS token was always meant to enable our users to have a better trading experience. Now with the new fee structure in place, with BNS at its epicentre, we have changed things a lot.
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Power Of Partial
Margin trading just got more convenient with the courtesy of the latest feature we added to it: partial settlements, which essentially means you don’t have to settle the entire margin in one go. It’s flexible now.
The Big 50
Who shares 50% of something with anyone? We do. Refer your friend and we'll share 50% of their trading fee with you. And what they get is…
Save Wallets, Get Reports
Two new things. First, you can save a wallet address you transact with. Second, you can send different types of reports to your registered email with elaborated trade history over a specific time period.
Trading On The Edge
Your favourite Bitbns Arbitrage Extension is now available on Microsoft Edge browser. Need say more?
Phase 3 Swooshed
It was 12 PM, 27th April 2020, and 30,000,000 BNS tokens were up for sale. The clock struck 12:06:48 and it was all over. And that, kids, was how BNS Pre-public Sale Phase 3 happened.
Deposits Below Rs. 10,000 = No KYC
Simple as that.
Soon On Your Fingertips
We will soon be adding two new features to the Bitbns experience: Tradingview charts and instant INR withdrawals. Thank us later. Like literally.
Even More Convenient
We paired up Margin Trading with API trading. Happy?
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