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Bitbns started when we as consumers did not find adequate trading platforms in India. The existing ones were woefully inadequate and overcharged the consumers and keep an immensely high buy and sell spread.

We at Bitbns decided to start working on building one of the easiest and fastest ways to transact bitcoins and alternate currencies like ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, etc.


We everyday learn and understand what needs to be done more for the consumers and would strive to make Bitbns one of the best platforms globally to help traders/consumers to have an ultimate trading experience. Your feedback would be immensely valuable for the same.

About the Team

The founding team consists of IIT graduates with rich experience of building technology products and scaling them to 10s of millions of users.

Bitbns was also the first company globally to launch a flash sale on bitcoins where they were giving bitcoins at 50% off. They had concluded their flash sale on 19th December and it received a great response. Prashant, co founder at bitbns says:

"Bitbns promises to become the easiest and fastest trading platform for cryptocurrencies for a billion Indians. To facilitate the adoption of digital currency and to provide a boost to cashless economy, we want more people adopting the currency and hence launched a flash sale. We started out with a genesis of building applications on top of blockchain that can benefit the consumers but to get consumers introduced to blockchain we saw that an exchange might be the right first step"

"At Buyhatke, we work towards empowering a billion Indians to make better commerce transactions," says Srikanth, co-founder of Buyhatke. He also added, "We do that by helping users save money through Buyhatke, by reducing their commerce friction with products like Tatkalforsure, and by giving them peace of mind with products like automated flash sale booking. With Bitbns, we want to empower users to a frictionless commerce experience that will help them trade in the easiest, most secure, and the fastest way."

Prashant Singh

He is the brain behind how your trades happen, all the backend architecture and how your deposits / withdrawals happen.

Srikanth Sethumadhavan
Chief of Design

Srikanth is the person behind how the website looks. He along with Aravindh from our team have created the interface that many have complemented. We would keep working harder to improve it.

Gaurav Dahake
Customer support

He is responsible majorly for customer support queries. His team strives hard to give a speedier response around all issues.

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